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3 Minutes Thesis Competition 2021

The initiative “Three Minutes Thesis Competition” of the Coimbra Group¬† bringing together the oldest European universities not located in a capital city is renewed to involve doctoral candidates from all partner universities.

In the “Three Minutes Thesis Competition”, the final prize will be awarded to the Phd student who has demonstrated the best ability to synthesis and communicative effectiveness, managing to present his/her thesis in English, concentrating the presentation in three minutes with the support of a single slide (without animation).
Each university will select, with progressive preliminary competitions, its representative who will participate in the final competition at the annual meeting of the Coimbra Group scheduled on 16-19 June 2021 in Prague.

The first round of local selections which involve each single doctoral course of the University of Padua, is scheduled for the doctoral course in Historical, Geographical and Anthropological Studies on January 19, 2021; further selections of the University of Padua will follow to designate 3 representatives of the University. Among the 3 semi-finalists of each participating university, the Executive Board of the Coimbra Group will identify the 3 competitors for the final race to be held in Prague.

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