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The Phd Course in Historical, Geographical and Anthropological Studies relies on a wide international and transnational network, to provide Phd students with a multifaceted education, capable of integrating the best of academic traditions in different cultural environments. The programme’s strong advocacy for internationalisation aims at encouraging Phd students to spend training periods abroad and enter in contact with Phd students and professors from different countries. Such international vocation is implemented thanks to the enrolment of international students, the opportunities provided by the CARIPARO Foundation and the China Scholarship Council, co-tutorships, Erasmus and exchange programmes specifically dedicated to this Phd course, the organization of Summer and Winter Schools in cooperation with foreign universities, the participation in international activities such as Coimbra Group’s 3 Minutes Competition.


12 incoming co-tutorship agreements and 8 outgoing co-tutorship agreements are currently active or under negotiation. Several universities are involved: l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, l’Université de Rouen and Tours, some universities in Lyon, in addition to the University of Montreal (Canada), and the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil), the University of Zagreb and others. The Academic Board supports the enablement of co-tutorship agreements for Phd students, to favour the internationalisation and integration in different scientific environments. The Academic Board welcomes foreign Phd students willing to join this Phd community.

Summer School - Ecole d’été

The Summer School/Ecole d’été project, in partnership with the Paris I University, is the result of the ongoing cooperation between members of the Academic Board and it has consolidated over the years. Furthermore, the Phd Course is part of the political history network and of a Phd students’ European seminar in contemporary history, in partnership with the Universities of Oxford, Brussels and Paris. In the framework of these initiatives, on the basis of research themes, a limited number of Phd students is selected for the participation in international seminars, with the purpose of developing peer dialogue, raising awareness on the differences between national scientific frameworks, learning how to appropriately debate their ideas in English.

Erasmus+ and other exchange programmes

Phd students can submit applications for a series of international mobility calls, addressed to the students at the University of Padova, like the Erasmus plus European programme - International Credit Mobility. In addition to this, they can access dedicated calls, like the one with the University of Oxford and with the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS) in Lisbon.