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The Historical Studies curriculum is particularly dedicated to the History of European societies, providing the opportunity for in-depth studies and research on: identities and their construction (national, transnational, professional, religious and gender identities); the relationship between cultural development and socio-economic and political development; political and institutional cultures transformation from ancient history to contemporary history. Moreover, the curriculum focuses on intersections, hybridization, the mobility of people, objects, texts and ideas through an analytical approach that highlights global and transnational experiences, comparative approaches, without overlooking conflicts, inequalities, and power struggle. Another research field is that of digital humanities, also exploring their dialogue with the public dimension.

Research areas:

Cultures, society, identity

  • identity construction (national and transnational, professional, religious, parental, intergenerational and gender identities)
  • emotions, bodies, sexuality
  • hierarchies and social discrimination
  • rules and law
  • ritual and religious practices
  • public and private sociability

Power and policies

  • civil and ecclesiastical institutions
  • competition, conflicts and violence
  • forms and practices of communication, propaganda, public opinion
  • colonialism and post-colonialism
  • intellectuals and power
  • economic and social history

Mobility and digital humanities

  • People, objects, ideas, texts mobility
  • Global connections
  • Digital humanities
  • Public history